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Ke Ga Lighthouse


Thirty kilometres south of Phan Thiet City along the coast is an area known for the lighthouse on a small island just across the water. The surprising find for visitors is the absolutely gorgeous length of beach beyond the lighthouse.

From Phan Thiet, travel down the coast 30 kilometres and once you reach the tip of land, the road curves west. Here you"ll see a small village, nothing more than a couple of noodle shops and fishing boats. Take any lane to the water"s edge and park at a restaurant, no need to pay for parking. Someone will probably approach you about boat. A tourist speedboat across will cost 100,000 VND.

Ke Ga Lighthouse - Phan Thiet

Previously visitors could go inside Ke Ga Lighthouse but it"s now shut as the building is no longer stable. However, going across to Hon Ba Island still gives visitors a closer look at the strikingly colourful rock formations and a pretty view looking back to the shore. Squint down the coast and you"ll see a whole lot of empty white sand beckoning you.

This little harbour itself is not a bad spot for a dip but continue on and it gets more spectacular and private. From the lighthouse, the road bends sharply north then heads west along the coast. Here you"ll pass Princess D"Annam Resort & Spa. It"s just a matter of finding any access road leading to the water and you"ll find empty, wild white sand beach all to yourself.

The ride down from Phan Thiet to Ke Ga is a pleasant journey itself. The road is quiet, most of the coast is wild and there are moments when there is nothing but road and ocean beside you. You"ll notice quite a few resorts, many empty, half built or abandoned along the approach to the lighthouse. This development was done under the "if we build it they will come" theory of Vietnamese tourism. They built it, but so far the tourists haven"t come. We"ve reviewed Green Organic Villas and P&T Family Resort. However, there"s nothing to do in the area but eat at the resort and walk on the beach.

Inside Ke Ga Lighthouse - Phan Thiet

In the meantime, it"s a great daytrip and you can combine it with Ta Cu, which is 30 kilometres northwest of Ke Ga, just off of Highway 1A. You do a 90-kilometre triangle, a full day out. There"s also a local bus from Phan Thiet which travels right past the lighthouse. Take the white and blue bus #6 to "Phan Thiet – Ke Ga – La Gi", starts at 05:30, last bus around 20:00.

How to get there

To reach Ke Ga from Phan Thiet, find Tran Hung Dao Street. Cross the bridge over the Ca Ty river heading west, and the turn-off to Ke Ga is 3.6 km further on. It's an easy left turn to miss -- not marked in any way -- but if you hit the roundabout for Highway 1A you've gone too far. You'll know you're on the right road going south when you hit a steep uphill grade. This road heads south-southwest before reaching the coast and following the water most of the way.

Source: travelfish.org

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