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Duc Thanh School


The Duc Thanh school was built in 1907 (same time with Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc School) on an area of Thanh Duc village, and now it is 39 Trung Nhị street, Duc Nghia ward, Phan Thiet city for the purpose of responding to the Duy Tan movement initiated by Phan Chu Trinh, Tran Quy Cap, and Huynh Thuc Khang. The school was founded by Nguyen Trong Loi, Nguyen Quy Anh (the two sons of writer and poet Nguyen Thong). The target of the Duy Tan movement and the school was to open up people’s knowledge, waking up the national consciousness and lineage. This was a private school with the most advanced teaching content in Binh Thuat at that time.

Duc Thanh School Gate - Phan thiet

In 1910, on his journey to find out the way to save the country, teacher Nguyen Tat Thanh (later  named as Ho Chi Minh) was introduced by dominie Truong Gia Mo to come to Phan Thiet and teaching at Duc Thanh school. The school had around 60 pupils together with 7 teachers teaching in: Chinese literature, French, sports and physical training, etc. Teacher Thanh taught second grade, mainly national literature, and Chinese literature. During his time teaching at Duc Thanh school, besides the assigned teaching contents, teacher Thanh by the sentiment of a teacher, brother had spread the the love of country, races and our ancestors to pupils. The extracurricular lessons, spare times, teacher Thanh organized pupils to sightseeing trips in Phan Thiet town at that time such as Thuong Chanh beach, Thieng village’s cavern, Duc Nghia village’s communal house.

Duc Thanh schoolyard - Phan Thiet

Around February 1911, teacher Thanh left Duc Thanh School and Phan Thiet to Saigon, and crossing the ocean to find the path of national liberation. A few years later, Mr. Nguyen Trong Loi passed away, Mr. Nguyen Quy Anh moved to Saigon, and no one in charged and many objective reasons, the school was closed in 1912.

The school that Uncle taught before was damaged and removed long time ago. But among pupils that teacher Thanh used to teach before, there are 4 of them still alive. Those are doctor Nguyen Quy Phau, doctor Nguyen Kim Chi, Mr. Tu Truong Phung, Mr. Nguyen Dang Lau. After the independence date, the aspirations of local people were to restore the old Duc Thanh school to show the gratitude to beloved Uncle Ho and educating the traditional patriotism to present and future generations.

Basing on their memories, the school position, and the internal and external architectural components were formed through drawings, and had been reconstructed from the years 1978 – 1980.

The Ngu house was built in 1906, and used to be the dormitory for students from 1908 onwards also be restored.

The Ngoa Du Sao was the house built in 1880 of Nguyen Thong. In his last years, Nguyen Thong lived in this house for scansion, declamation and discussion of national situation with the patriots. At Duc Thanh school, teacher Thanh read books and prepared the lessons in Ngoa Du Sao, this house also was renovated, the inside exhibits were disturbed and lost quite a lot. The carambola and the well which attached to Uncle Ho’s life as teacher at Duc Thanh school, so they are also the main point in the relic. 

 Uncle Ho's monument - Phan Thiet The original artifacts from teacher Thanh’s teaching period is still remained to now such as: a couch combo, a set of woodblock, a desk, an armoire, mail box, ink grinding plate, 3 small cups, a tray, which are all old but well kept and maintained. Those are sacred memorabilia associated with the time and the history of the short period of teaching in Phan Thiet of teacher Nguyen Tat Thanh.

Beside the relic, the exhibition on the revolutionary life of Uncle Ho also was built and established in 1986. The Duc Thanh relic was granted as the national historical relic by the Ministry of Culture and Information at the Decision no 235/QD-BT dated December 12, 1986. 

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